Throughout my time student teaching at the elementary level my students would give me artwork, here are a few examples.

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I completed my K-12 student teaching on December 11, 2014!

Here is a note I received from one of my 4th grade students on my last day.

This was the culminating lesson with my 8th grade students that is still in progress. The objective is for the students to work in groups to make a public installation in their school from stacked cardboard boxes with scenarios from Buffalo. There are 4 eighth grade classes and each class has their own city created from stacked boxes. Inside of their boxes are mixed media constructions and human figures covered in Paris Craft that are positioned specifically for their scenario. The idea came to me after looking at Louise Nevelson’s sculpture ‘Sky Cathedral’ and George Segal’s sculpture “Cinema.’

On the first day of the lesson I introduced the lesson objective and the sculptures which inspired it by the artists George Segal and Louise Nevelson. I gave explicit instruction to the students on lesson day 2 demonstrating while explaining step-by-step with the students how to make a human figure from aluminum and tape. On day 3 students made sure their figure were correctly positioned for their scenario and then I demonstrated how to cover them with Paris Craft. On day 4 my students began painting their boxes and their cardboard inserts on which they could draw and paint a background within their box more easily. On day 5, my last day at the school the students began constructing within their boxes from a range of art materials including but not limited to fabrics, assorted pieces of wood, cardboard, Styrofoam, wire, dowels, paper and hot glue guns.

The lesson should be completed after the holiday break and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turned out. The students had fantastically creative ideas with their skyline vessel project so I’m sure with this lesson where they are working in groups and have access to even more materials they will have wonderful ideas. The installation in the school will also include the positive billboards they made in lesson 2.

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This was a three day lesson I created inspired by the paintings of the Russian artist Marc Chagall. Students painted to show their emotions and dreams and then wrote artist statements about their work. On the last day of painting we began class with a critique where students exchanged suggestions for changes to their work and shared their ideas about dreams.

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