Here is another story for my elementary classes that I will read starting tomorrow, grades 2nd-8th.


On the way to school

In a place far far away

These children remind me of YOU

How Do they remind me of You?


They are students like you who go to school everyday.

Are they like you?


They are determined,

And so are you,

They care about how they look,

They have friends that they want to play with

They are glad to go to school.

They like learning,

Sometimes they have fun and like their teacher,

Like you. (wink)

They also are very glad because not all children can go to school.

The children who are not in school, where are they?

Do you know some children who are not in school today?

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This is a short autobiographical story I will read to my class along with my drawings illustrating the story at the end of class tomorrow.

The little girl who traveled far.

Where she did she go?

She flew in an airplane for many hours,

This was going to be a VERY VERY long trip

She traveled with her parents and with her older brothers and her sister,

She had a brother Sam.

Let me tell you what Sam did,

He made sure she knew how to spell her whole name,

So if she got lost she would know who she was

And other people would know exactly who she was because her name explained how she was related to them

Because her name belonged to a family and everyone knew who she was

Where she was going

In the land SO SO Far AWAY. (dramatic pause)

She was lucky because her brother Sam was always watching out for her

But she wasn’t afraid,

Everyone was else was worried,

But she didn’t care because she was too little to worry!

The trip had a purpose.

It was not a vacation.

The little girl was going to meet her grandparents who had survived a Terrible war.

A war so terrible that her father worried if anyone was left

But his parents were still alive

Her father wanted to give a gift to his parents

The most valuable gift for them is clean water

The little girl, her mother, her brothers and her sister helped her father give this gift to her grandparents

The gift of clean water

A gift that they shared with others

It was a Very long project

It took a Very long time

The little girl helped carry water for many miles for Many days For weeks


The water tank that collected clean rainwater was finished!

It took a Long time!

It took such a long time that her brother David got really bored and thought I’m going to have fun chasing the baby chickens – which are called chicks in case you didn’t know,

One day her grandmother chased her brother because she caught him chasing the baby chicks for fun,

What did her grandmother do?

Just like he chased the baby chicks.

She chased him.

And the little girl laughed! And Laughed!

The day they finished the water tank

There was an enormous rainstorm.

And she was so glad.

Kasalina - 2013

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