another story to share tomorrow with my classes,


The girl in this drawing from 1911 became a teacher

Her parents were immigrants who came to the United States from Ireland

They came to meet relatives who were already in America in Clinton, MA

Her family had an island called Innis Degli off the coast of Western Ireland

The name of the island is Gaelic.

Which I have seen myself on a trip to Western Ireland

During the famine they were able to grow food on their island, so they did not starve

But beyond farming and fishing there was little opportunity,

A strong leader in the public education

She was a well respected teacher in the community of Clinton, Massachusetts

When she was hired

She was the first American of Irish descent in the Clinton Massachusetts Public School District.

At a time during the 1920’s when there was enormous prejudice against Irish people.

There used to be signs that said the phrase “Irish need not apply” all over the country.

The girl in the drawing is my great aunt and her name is Margaret O’Toole.

Kasalina - Maraget O'Toole


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Here is another story for my elementary classes that I will read starting tomorrow, grades 2nd-8th.


On the way to school

In a place far far away

These children remind me of YOU

How Do they remind me of You?


They are students like you who go to school everyday.

Are they like you?


They are determined,

And so are you,

They care about how they look,

They have friends that they want to play with

They are glad to go to school.

They like learning,

Sometimes they have fun and like their teacher,

Like you. (wink)

They also are very glad because not all children can go to school.

The children who are not in school, where are they?

Do you know some children who are not in school today?

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